CNC Milling

Using the latest technology, our CNC Milling processes produce high-quality precision components for a wide range of sectors.

Our team of highly skilled engineers can guide you through the step-by-step process of creating the exact parts you require.

Our services

PACT Engineering offers a wide range of CNC Milling services, thanks to our range of six CNC YCM vertical machining centres. These have a maximum machining capacity of 1524mm x 596mm x 750mm.

Our CNC Milling engineers have the skills and experience to handle a diverse range of projects, both large and small. Every job is delivered to the highest level of precision as all machines are fitted with Heidenhain TS 460 three-dimensional touch trigger probes. These can be used to measure workpieces, accurately, under program control and speed set up time and compensate for tool wear.

We offer the capability of 3, 4 and 5 axis machining using our Nikken rotary tables. This enables us to combine several operations into one cycle making us more efficient.

Manual Milling

Using our XYZ turret milling machines and SMX 5000 milling machine, we have the flexibility to reduce the workload on our CNC milling operation, while still achieving the quality standards required by the customer.

The SMX 5000 also gives us the ability to machine larger capacity.

Plant list

YCM MV 146A-H Vertical Machining Centre with 5 axis 1400mm X 620mm
YCM MV86A-H Vertical Machining Centre with 5th Axis
YCM MV86A-H Vertical Machining Centre with 4th Axis
YCM VMC 86A Machining Centre 800mm X 600mm
YCM MV66A-H Vertical Machining Centre with 4th Axis
YCM MV66A-H Vertical Machining Centre
XYZ SMX 5000 1500mm X 500mm with ProtoTRAK Control
FEATURE CAM Computer-aided manufacturing system

Maximum Milling capacity 1524mm X 596mm X 584mm

2 off XYZ SMX2 3000 Turret Mill

How can we help?

Whether you are in the automotive or manufacturing sector, we turn your design into a precision part. Contact us today to discover how our highly automated manufacturing process can produce the quality components you require.